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Ycast Webinar: Online Qualitative Research

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Jennifer Dale |  Shannon Danzy
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Apr 12, 2018


Learn the Basics + Build Anything

Speaker: Jennifer Dale

Learn the basic components of every online qualitative study and how they combine to create 4 of the most common online qual methods used today: Bulletin Boards, Group Chats, IDIs with screenshare, and Webcam Interviews. See how they stack up against in-person methods, and each other, as well as how to choose which method is the best fit. Heed the warnings of common online qual pitfalls and disasters. Come away from this presentation excited to custom-design your next online qual study!

Hacking Online Qual from A to Z: A Cheat Sheet

Speaker: Shannon Danzy

You have the fundamentals of online qualitative research down. Now, how do you take what you know to the next level? What tricks, tips, and must-dos would you find in the notebook of a researcher who has designed and executed hundreds of online studies? In a rapid-fire format, this session will share advice, workarounds, and tricks on the design, moderation, analysis, and reporting of online qualitative research studies. Take away an actionable cheat sheet on the A to Zs of maximizing a study's value, avoiding common issues and improving not just the participant experience but that of observers and moderators.


Jennifer Dale's Profile

Jennifer Dale Related Seminars and Products

President & CEO

InsideHeads, LLC

Jen is pioneer in online market research, with extensive experience on both the buyer and service provider (recruiting) sides.  She received her BA in Communications and Advertising from Penn State University and her MBA in Business & Marketing from Rider University.  Jen developed one of the first web-based online platforms for conducting surveys and focus groups and is the co-author of Qual-Online, The Essential Guidea popular how-to book for research practitioners.

Shannon Danzy's Profile

Shannon Danzy Related Seminars and Products

Director, Research & Strategy

Insights Association

Shannon joined RALLY in 2021 and leads the agency's market research and strategy disciplines. In love with uncovering what makes people tick and how to use that insight to drive behavior since working on her first ad campaign, Shannon has parlayed her passion into a two-decade career as a brand planner and researcher. Prior to RALLY, Shannon ran her own consultancy and oversaw custom research and insights for the US division of the global media communications agency MediaCom. At QRCA, Shannon currently chairs the NY/Metropolitan NYC Chapter and the Inclusive Culture Committee which seeks to foster an inclusive QRCA where members from all backgrounds and experience levels feel like they belong and can become the best practitioners of qualitative research

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