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What is real world evidence in health and why is it so important to patients, Healthcare practitioners, Pharmaceutical Companies, and the FDA?

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Analysis & Reporting |  Research Design
Kathleen Beusterien, MPH |  Rebecca Nash |  Colleen Welsh-Allen
48 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Dec 01, 2022

Tags: Health


Qualitative research is critical in understanding the impact of disease and supporting new health interventions. Cerner Enviza, an Oracle company, will share the background on real world evidence, the growing importance of qualitative inquiry, and the unique role of coding in generating the evidence that matters and to bring the patient voice to advance health care. 


Kathleen Beusterien, MPH's Profile

Kathleen Beusterien, MPH Related Seminars and Products

Principal, RWE

Cerner Enviza

Kathleen is Principal, RWE at Cerner Enviza, an Oracle Company. She has over 25 years of experience performing health outcomes research. Kathleen has consulted on a number of communications with the FDA and EMA regarding patient reported outcomes (PRO) endpoints in clinical trials and has developed PRO measures and dossiers for regulatory review. She has numerous preference and PRO publications and regularly leads workshops and presentations at scientific and industry conferences on these areas. She is a founding member of the International Academy of Health Preference Research (IAHPR). 

Rebecca Nash's Profile

Rebecca Nash Related Seminars and Products

Business Leader

Cerner Enviza

Rebecca leads a team of real world evidence qualitative and quantitative researchers at Cerner Enviza, an Oracle Company, with a particular focus on growing expertise, talent and experience in real world qualitative studies. Prior to joining the team in 2019, Rebecca worked as a futures consultant at a legacy Cerner company (Kantar Futures), senior ethnographer in a social research agency, and more recently as the Head of Evidence at Macmillan Cancer Support, UK, where her team funded academic health outcomes studies, partnered with cancer registries across the UK, and led cancer patient experience research programs. She is trained in cultural anthropology.

Colleen Welsh-Allen's Profile

Colleen Welsh-Allen Related Seminars and Products

Vice President, Qualitative Research

CWA Research

Colleen is the Qualitative Research Subject Matter Expert in the US for Commercial, RWE and Regulatory of Cerner Enviza, an Oracle Company. A QRCA Advanced Moderator for many years, Colleen's qualitative research has encompassed many treatment and regulatory areas using various research techniques. She is a member and on the Board of the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) and a Co-Director of the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Special Interest Group. She has spoken at many conferences on qualitative research, behavioral science and innovations in research as well as published on qualitative issues in various qualitative journals and platforms.