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J. Robert Harris |  Pepper Miller |  Rob Volpe
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Mar 23, 2023


Qual researchers have a unique storytelling ability that for many of us has expanded beyond report writing and into published work like blogs, articles, and books. As luck would have it, three of our own peers are hosting a conversation to chat about their experiences expanding their work into the publishing world


J. Robert Harris's Profile

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JRH Marketing Services, Inc.

J. Robert “J.R.” Harris, is President of JRH Marketing Services. Established in 1975, it is the oldest and most experienced marketing and research consulting firm in the United States. J.R. has over 50 years of diverse marketing and research experience, including media, packaged goods, international, and ethnic marketing and research assignments from major corporations, agencies, organizations, and government ministries. He holds a degree in Psychology from the City University of New York, has studied Spanish and French at New York University and the Berlitz School of Languages, and has taught a course in Market Research at NYU.

Harris is an experienced qualitative research consultant and has moderated more than 4,500 focus groups. He has worked extensively in social marketing, having implemented numerous consulting assignments both domestically and internationally in the areas of nutrition, anti-smoking, the environment, substance abuse, public health, family planning, and others.

A proud Founding Member and past President of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), he also chaired the organization’s Professionalism Committee for 20 years and has been awarded the organization’s Presidents Award for distinguished service.

Mr. Harris has written a number of articles for marketing and research industry publications and has been a popular speaker at industry conventions worldwide. He is an elected member of the Market Research Council, a past Chairman of the Research Industry Coalition, and in 2016 he was elected to the Market Research Hall of Fame.

When not providing insights for his clients, you might be able to find him alone in some of the most remote wilderness areas on the planet. He describes these exploits in his best-selling memoir, “Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker.” J.R. is also on the board of directors for the prestigious Explorers Club, and is chair of the organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

Pepper Miller's Profile

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Author, President

Hunter-Miller, Inc.

Pepper Miller is a recognized Black American consumer researcher, three-time author, and Black American subject matter expert.  

Since 1995, Pepper has been a trailblazer helping large corporations understand and positively engage the Black consumer market. 

Pepper encourages audiences to think broader and differently about Black America by talking about both simple ideas and taboo topics so that they can tailor their marketing strategies to be more inclusive and effective. 

Her third Black insights book “Let Me Explain Black Again: Exploring Blind Spots and Black Insights for Marketing to Understand Black Culture and Perspectives”, launched April 2023 is receiving many accolades and tributes. 


Rob Volpe's Profile

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CEO & Chief Catalyst

Ignite 360

Rob Volpe is an astute observer of life and a master storyteller who brings empathy and compassion to the human experience. As CEO of Ignite 360, he leads a team of insights, strategy, and creative professionals helping the world’s leading brands across a range of industries apply human understanding to release untapped potential.

He is the author of Tell Me More About That: Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time. As a thought leader in the role of empathy in marketing and the workplace, he is a contributor to Entrepreneur’s Leadership Network and he frequently speaks on the topic at conferences, corporations, podcasts and college classes and has been quoted in Advertising Week, Mashable, Huffington Post,, Gourmet Retailer and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

Rob has been co-chair of QRCAs Sponsorship Committee since 2019 and is a member of the Inclusive Culture Committee.

When he's not speaking at industry conferences, listening to consumers share their stories around the world, or adding to his two million-plus miles flown, Rob can be found at home in San Francisco with his partner, Charles, and their three cats, reveling in the rare luxury of standing still. Rob is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.