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Rocky Mountain Chapter - True to You Workshop: Finding Your Purpose and Using Your Values in Life and at Work

Total Credits: 2 Advance Credits

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Business Practices |  Consulting |  Professionalism
Susan Sweet
2 Hours



Getting in tune with your purpose and values is a way to help make your business decisions easier, your communication clearer, and your relationships deeper. It can also make you far more satisfied with your career!

This chapter meeting session is based off the highly rated QRCA 2022 annual conference “True to You” panel presentation, which left many attendees inspired but wishing they had time to “workshop” the ideas presented. Susan will share both the presentation and abundant resources to help attendees tune in to both your why (your purpose – what drives and inspires you) and your how (your personal values that cross over from your ‘true self’ to your role as a consultant). In the workshop portion we’ll look at how to use core values in every aspect of your work – from business development to choosing research partners/suppliers, from participant recruiting to moderating through reporting, and in creating strong, mutually rewarding stakeholder relationships. 


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This workshop will be led by our very own chapter member, Susan Sweet. Susan is a passionate qualitative researcher and strategist, focused on illuminating insights and making the research process fun for both clients and participants. For the past 20+ years she has been working to keep research as real-world as possible, mixing traditional and novel techniques for clients all over the globe. Susan co-chairs QRCA’s Industry Relations Committee, is a winner of the Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award, and mentors young researchers through WIRe. Curiosity, Optimism, Collaboration and a healthy dose of Fun fuel her life in Boulder, and in her work wherever it takes her. 

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