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Rappers + Researchers + Realities: Exploring Unconscious Bias in Qualitative Research

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Cynthia D Harris
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Jan 29, 2020


Rappers + Researchers + Realities will discuss unconscious bias as it relates to understanding humans in an evolving qualitative research landscape. Leveraging often-misunderstood rap culture, this discussion will show how rappers and qualitative researchers use a surprisingly similar approach in connecting authentically with their respective audiences.

The goals of this session are for attendees to gain (a) an understanding of their own unconscious biases, (b) new tools to overcome unconscious bias, and (c) a renewed commitment to shed limiting views that separate us from the people we all seek to serve. Rappers + Researchers + Reality is divided into three parts:

  1. Realize What Unconscious Bias Is: Understanding unconscious bias is the first step in adopting practices that prevent its compromising impact on our work as qualitative researchers.
  2. Acquire Tools to mitigate its impact: We will discuss tools to help us assess our own unconscious bias and to integrate new behaviors to overcome these beliefs in our research.
  3. Prepare for Our New Reality: As the landscape of both qualitative research and our world continues to evolve, we must lead our teams, our clients and our research into realms free of unconscious bias.

Come learn how to get to the truth of Human Experience that goes beyond unconscious biases. In the words of the late Nipsey Hussle: “Premature certainty is the enemy of truth.”



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Cynthia has a limitless curiosity about people, ideas and the world around her. A inquisitive, idea-generator by birth and a qualitative research enthusiast by design, she is committed to helping organizations uncover the next big idea that will take their business from existence to EXCELLENCE. When she’s not researching consumers or cognitive sciences or the viability of a big idea, she immerses herself in books, podcasts and workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship to constantly challenge her own thinking. Cynthia holds two degrees from The Ohio State University - an M.B.A. from the Fisher College of Business and a B.A. in Strategic Communications. Her professional experience spans global and national marketing strategy, consumer research and corporate merchandising management for Procter & Gamble, Abbott Nutrition and Bath & Body Works. After nearly 15 years of marketing and research experiences, Cynthia is currently focusing on helping companies empathetically connect with the Consumers they serve as an independent qualitative researcher.