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Qcast: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions

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Consulting |  Research Design
Colleen Welsh-Allen
1 Hour
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May 02, 2019


This session is a practical guide to Behavioral Science, the heuristics that most affect market research, and some clear-cut ways to do better research with this understanding. Although many of the examples provided relate to health care, the information applies to research in any setting. The webinar is based on one of the top-ten rated presentations from QRCA's 2019 annual conference.


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Vice President, Qualitative Research

CWA Research

Colleen is the Qualitative Research Subject Matter Expert in the US for Commercial, RWE and Regulatory of Cerner Enviza, an Oracle Company. A QRCA Advanced Moderator for many years, Colleen's qualitative research has encompassed many treatment and regulatory areas using various research techniques. She is a member and on the Board of the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) and a Co-Director of the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Special Interest Group. She has spoken at many conferences on qualitative research, behavioral science and innovations in research as well as published on qualitative issues in various qualitative journals and platforms.