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Mind Your Rs, Ps and Qs Webinar 3: Managing Group Dynamics

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Jo Ann Hairston
1 Hour 07 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Feb 03, 2023


QRCA is excited to partner with RIVA on three 60-minute webinars led by Jo Ann Hairston that will help qualitative professionals level up their skills. These webinars will improve attendees' guides, help quallies go deeper to get better information from respondents, and enhance the way focus groups are run. Join us for the final webinar in this 3 part series! Click here to register for all three at the best rate - BUNDLE

Cost for all three: $125 for members/$200 for non-members || Cost for individual webinars: $50 for members/$75 for non-members 

February 3 at 11 am ET — Managing Group Dynamics

This webinar will focus on best practices regarding how to start a focus group, and how to maintain control once the group has started. This webinar will cover.

· The secret to “icebreakers” and building rapport quickly

· Managing thought leaders

· Inviting shy respondents to participate

· Breaking rapport and closing the group




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RIVA Market Research & Training Inst

The work Jo Ann does for RIVA is diverse. She works in both the Research and the Training division, shifting hats with ease. As a researcher she is – assigned to focus group projects that range from medical issues to health and beauty aids and from politics to new products. After leading more than 3,200 groups, and earning the title Master Moderator, Jo Ann helps clients access POBAs [Perceptions, Opinions, Beliefs and Attitudes] from respondents that range from homemakers to the homeless and from ages 7 to 97.

As a Co-Founder of the RIVA Training Institute she serves as a Master Trainer and developer of the framework and curriculum for both standard courses and custom courses designed to meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries. She is a credentialed Master Coach for Qualitative Researchers, as well as, individuals transitioning from one career to another.