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Focus Your Mind, Focus Your Group

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Jessica Broome |  Julia Strohm
25 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 05, 2021


A creative, safe, focused space.  What are we describing here? A successful focus group  environment-- and also a mind that has become quiet and powerful through meditation. When we engage in meditation, we bring ourselves to a place of clarity and calm. This is precisely the mind we need to employ in order to authentically connect with our respondents.

Through practicing meditation, we are primed to listen in new ways. We open ourselves up to be able to slip into the shoes of others, to develop empathy and understanding – and appreciation – of where others are coming from. An open-hearted mind engenders trust, which leads to better focus groups and better client relationships. 

In this talk and workshop we will explore the specific ways in which meditation techniques can be used to facilitate that comfortable, free flowing, creative-thinking environment we all strive to create. We will provide practical tips to apply the benefits of meditation to your work, including a short, effective meditation that you can take with you and use right away.



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Julia is a seasoned researcher with over 20 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative insights work among both consumer and professional audiences, with a focus in business-to-business research for the financial, health care and public policy sectors. From 1999-2009, Julia worked for Applied Research + Consulting, where she conducted both qualitative and quantitative research for a range of clients, including The College Board; CBS Evening News; Jones New York; Ginnie Mae; and Condé Nast, among many others. She has a B.A. in English from Yale University and is a teacher of Buddhist meditation practice for the Kadampa Meditation Center in NYC.