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Don’t Fear the Do-It-Yourself Research Trend: Create Successful Do-it-Together Outcomes in a Time of DIY Research

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Marianne Carr |  Lauren Holderness
52 minutes
Audio and Video
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Jan 29, 2020


Do you fear the DIY research trend? Whether an independent researcher, part of a research agency, or a corporate research professional, the DIY research trend has likely impacted you. If your livelihood is focused on being hired by businesses to execute research, or you are someone who hires outside partners, access to new DIY technology can make it both easier and harder to execute meaningful qualitative research. So, let’s talk it out. We still all need each other, probably now more than ever. In this session, we will discuss the impact of the DIY research trend on both client-side and independent research professionals. Bringing it to life with real-world stories and advice for making these new relationships work for you. You will see how Doing it Together (DIT) can be actionable, profitable, and rewarding. This session includes research into the trend, case studies, and interactive activities that will help you plan for and embrace your own future.



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Insights & Strategy Consultant

Insights & Strategy, Consultant

Marianne Carr is passionate about inspiring innovation in brands, products, projects and people. She has been working with Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years with a focus on market research, innovation and branding. With a master’s degree in Leadership, Strategic Innovation and Change, from the University of Denver, Marianne also facilitates ideations and teaches at the graduate school level. Currently, after gaining experience is industries such as healthcare, consumer considered purchases, CPG and retail, Marianne is in a career transformation providing support to entrepreneurs and non-profits through developing insights, leading strategic planning and executing project management. Marianne’s professional spirit animal is the platypus, ask her why.


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Compendium Partners

Lauren Holderness is the Principal of the research and consulting firm Compendium LLC. Lauren has worked in a variety of roles with companies and brands for the past 25 years, with a proven track record of uncovering insights that lead to strategic, effective outcomes. She is a professionally trained and experienced facilitator, having moderated literally hundreds of focus groups and countless IDIs. Lauren believes in the growth and empowerment that comes with change. She has an innate interest in people, understanding their backgrounds, experiences and uncovering the ‘whys’ around their lives…which can make for some pretty interesting cocktail party conversations.