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Canada & Eastern Canada Chapter: Dealing with fake respondents and 'research fraud' - how to solve these issues

Total Credits: 1.5 Advance Credits

Average Rating:
Research Design |  Professionalism
1 Hour 22 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jun 16, 2023


Panel and open discussion: sharing and ideating to work towards solutions

Watch the recording while we discuss this hot-button issue that is SO important for our industry!

While this has been an issue for a while, the pandemic and the pivot toward more online work have heightened the issue. 


As Canadian researchers and recruiters, we are faced with an increasing number of participants getting creative to "beat" our systems/best practices. 


  1. Seasoned researchers will share some examples of recent challenges, how they are identifying 'cheaters' and are trying to prevent this from continually occurring.

  2. Recruiters will share their experiences, approaches and challenges.

  3. As a community, we will collaboratively ideate toward possible solutions and build best practices that are relevant for the Canadian reality


All are invited to join, as we know, this is not just a Canadian issue.