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Ycast Webinar: Quantitative for Quallies

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Annie Pettit
90 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Apr 02, 2020

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Presented by: Annie Pettit, PhD, FMRIA of Annie Pettit Consulting
Young Pro Host: Shira Glickman of Encompass MR

We can't teach you everything about quantitative research in 60 minutes but we sure can expose you to a few fundamentals, trends, and tools in a fun, interactive session with the expert of experts, Dr. Annie Pettit, PhD, FMRIA. Join other under 35 year old researchers and students in the next QRCA Ycast program, a webinar series created for and by young pros.


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Annie Pettit, PhD, FMRIA is a research methodologist who specializes in survey design and analysis, data quality, and innovative methods. She is an invited speaker at research conferences around the world and has published numerous refereed and industry articles. Her awards include a 2015 Ginny Valentine Award, 2014 MRIA Award of Outstanding Merit, and 2013 ESOMAR Best Methodological Paper. Annie blogs at LoveStats, and is the author of People Aren’t Robots, a questionnaire design book. Follow her on Twitter at @LoveStats.