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Workshop Introduction - Sharpen Your 6th Sense: Trust Your Gut with Applied Improv

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Marc Engel |  Pascal Patenaude
05 Minutes
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Mar 22, 2023


Find yourself stuck in your head a lot? Not letting your body lead the way? Games, such as those from improvisational theatre, force our brains to shift gears, broaden our perspectives, and open up new possibilities—in our work and other aspects of our lives. Why workshop when you can playshop?! Join us. BYOB (Bring Your Own Body).



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President & Founder

Engel Research Partners

Marc began his research career 30+ years ago in quant, shifting to qual 20 years ago—with a very non-linear path in between. A moderator, creative facilitator and strategic consultant, he was a partner at B/R/S Group before venturing out on his own in 2010. Marc’s eclectic background—stand-up, improv and sketch comedy, creative writing, P.R. and copywriting, and law—is an asset in his research and innovation work. He uses applied improvisation in an ideation technique he developed in 2010, called, “Out of Focus Groups®,” which grew out of his experience in two improv and sketch comedy troupes with Kristen Wiig, and his migration from quant to qual.

2021 Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award winner.

Together with Pascal Patenaude, they have developed ‘Blocks + Clay’, applying improvisational thinking and the power of play to uncover innovative insights and translating into action. In this workshop, they will lead you through play with purpose, allowing you to experience ways to get in touch with all your senses, even sharpen your 6th one.

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