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Workshop Introduction - Purpose 2.0: Designing Your Unifying Operating Philosophy

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Vijay Parthasarathy
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Mar 22, 2023


Our journey towards consistently wiser judgment and clear-sighted decision-making must begin with us reconceptualizing identity as something rooted in deeper principles. The central aim of this workshop is to help leaders, both established and emergent, encapsulate their approach to life.


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Vijay Parthasarathy is a business philosopher whose expertise lies primarily at the intersection of psychological semiotics and cultural strategy. He previously ran Stardust Insights, an independent semiotics + qualitative research practice. As a Senior Director at The Hartman Group, he continues to consult globally for a mix of Fortune 500 firms and agencies.

His perspective – which draws on a multidisciplinary background spanning anthropology, journalism and physics – often features in the media; he is frequently invited to deliver talks at universities and conferences. He has a PhD from UT Austin and a MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, UK.