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Qcast: Step Back to Move Forward: Developing Customer Journey Maps

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Aliza Pollack
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Nov 07, 2019


The Internet has disrupted the marketing funnel. It’s no longer a straight line – that marketers draw and lead – from brand awareness to purchase. Today it is more of a jigsaw puzzle, with varied touchpoints and messaging that can impact an ultimate purchase. Customer journey maps are shedding light on the real customer path – the behaviors, attitudes, delight and pain points that customers encounter on their way to a product, category or experience – and inspiring a more nuanced marketing and product development path.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how journey maps can serve and unify multiple teams across an organization, as well as some key steps for creating a successful journey mapping project. We’ll also share some product and category case studies that bring these steps to life.


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