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Qcast: Decoding What Kids Want: A Mixed Methods Approach to Uncovering Viewing Trends and Content Preferences

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Maxine Fox
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Dec 09, 2021


Kids consume entertainment in a multitude of ways. For brands and content creators, understanding what makes content successful with young audiences is critical to engaging kids and their parents. As we emerge from the pandemic, brands will need to ensure that the content they create breaks through and keeps their audiences coming back.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss trends in kids’ content consumption and the role of qualitative methodologies in uncovering key insights that are guiding content creation for 2022. We’ll look at findings from a multi-year study of kids’ viewing behavior and discuss what it is about popular shows that makes them so successful.

QRCA is pleased to collaborate with the Market Research Society (MRS) on this Qcast.



Maxine Fox's Profile

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Maxine Fox is Managing Director of UK-based Giraffe Insights, an international research agency specializing in kids, youth and families. Maxine leads the agency’s qualitative research, working with brands across multiple sectors, including media and entertainment, toys and games, food and drink, and retail. Prior to joining Giraffe Insights in 2014, Maxine managed an international team within the BBC Media Action research division. She is an industry recognized specialist in speaking to kids, young people and families to elicit the greatest insights for brands. A Certified Member of the Market Research Society (MRS), Maxine regularly speaks at industry events and mentors other researchers.