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How does your personality type influence your work? (Virtual, from the NE Chapter)

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Edwina Pike |  Martha Hayward
1 Hour



This will be a group discussion on personality types and how we bring them to our work. We will be using the Myers-Briggs type test.

Before the meeting, please take 10 minutes to take your own test, for free, at this link:
It will give you a detailed profile of your own style, strengths, weakness, workplace habits, etc.

During the meeting we will discuss our results, whether you agree or disagree, how you feel those influence your work and may help us create empathy for respondents. This will be a virtual meeting, all welcome!

Because this is a discussion-based meeting, it will not be recorded. 


Edwina Pike's Profile

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Pike Squared

Meet Ed, a disruptor of organizational behavior change, she is on a mission to change the way you think about change. With a unique blend of behavioral sciences and irreverence, Ed simplifies complex dynamics into practical 'brain hacks'. Join her for an energetic, honest, and interactive session where you'll discover easy-to-adopt tactics to achieve your goals. 


Partner | Pike Squared | delivering strategic value |

Creator of Irrational ChangechangeXchange and The Change Wizard

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Bird Dog Insights, LLC

Martha Hayward is Founder and Principal and Bird Dog Insights. She is a qualitative market research consultant who enjoys helping customer-obsessed organizations better understand their customers’ needs and desires. She frequently works on financial services, healthcare, and B2B projects focused on innovation, product development, and journeys. She is adept at quickly understanding the business challenges of companies she works with, both large and small, and seeking insightful solutions to meet their goals. She has had her own independent business for five years, and prior to that held several strategy, product, and marketing leadership roles at Fidelity Investments, most recently as Vice President of Segment Management. She was also a consultant at Monitor Group and an Account Executive at AchieveGlobal where she sold sales and management training programs to companies operating in Greater China.
She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and BA in East Asian Studies from Middlebury College. She now resides in Newton, MA and is the Co-Leader of the New England Chapter of QRCA.