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How Might We Gamify Qualitative Research & Ideation? | C&I SIG

Total Credits: 1.5 Advance Credits

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Communication |  Research Design
Cozy Juicy Real Co-Founders Jed & Sophia
1 Hour 30 Minutes



Join the C&I SIG to have fun playing Cozy Juicy Real and brainstorm ways to use it with Qualitative Research and Ideation!

Cozy Juicy Real is a virtual (and tabletop) game where people get to share their true selves guided by fun, insightful questions.

The Cozy Juicy Real founders believe in the power of amazing conversations. Conversations that lead to moments of true connection.

Cozy Juicy Real is currently used as:

+ A team building experience that kindles fun, authentic and truly connecting interactions. Used by organizations such as Google, Nike, Indeed, Yelp and Tony’s Chocolonely.
+ A game amongst friends and family to help spark curiosity, and give everyone playing an opportunity to feel more connected – to each other and to themselves.

As the mission of the C&I SIG is to bring our members together for learning and fun, and to explore new creative tools that we could use in Qual and Ideation, let’s get together to virtually play Cozy Juicy Real to:

+ Develop stronger friendships, feelings of belonging and fits of laughter!
+ Brainstorm ways we might use this awesome game in our qualitative research and ideation activities

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th 12:00pm - 1:30pm Eastern to:

  1. play a demo version of the game
  2. breakout into small groups to brainstorm ways to use this game
  3. share out our top ideas with each other and the founders of Cozy Juicy Real

As we are always looking for more unique, creative ways to capture deeper insights and better ideas, the Cozy Juicy Real game may be a great approach. And perhaps we will be able to work with the founders to customize the game for research and ideation in the future...

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For more info about Cozy Juicy Real, go to:
Reviews from teams at Google, Nike and Adobe that have played Cozy Juicy Real go to: 


This event will not be recorded. 


Cozy Juicy Real Co-Founders Jed & Sophia's Profile

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The Founders
Hi, we’re Jed and Sophia – a globe-trotting couple with a passion for sharing in the human experience. Our vision is to design games where people get to show up as their true selves and create moments of feeling truly alive. Our social games make it easy for you to get real, and invite people into a community of authenticity, play and aliveness.

Our Mission
We believe in the power of meaningful conversations
Conversations that lead to moments of true connection, either with a friend or a stranger – that’s what we live for. But those moments can be hard to come by.

So, we created a game to help spark curiosity, that gives everyone an opportunity to explore and come away feeling more connected – to each other and to themselves…without it being cheesy or forced.