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Katja Cahoon

Katja Cahoon, LCSW, MBA is a psychotherapist with a previous career in qualitative market research. Her passion in life is to empower others to grow, change, and find meaning and joy. After a successful career in market research focused on understanding why people do what they do, including corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurship, she decided to utilize this learning and understanding to help people feel and perform better. She trained as a psychotherapist and works mainly with executives and other highly accomplished professionals in Silicon Valley, CA. She helps clients with stress, burn-out, anxiety, depression, and how the past impacts how they feel and act today. Katja is also a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200), meditation teacher, and sports nutrition coach. Katja has taught at Williams James College, Stephen's College, spoken at conferences like IIEX, ESOMAR, Insights Association, and has trained companies all over the world. She has been featured on podcasts and panels. 

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Reimagining Ourselves: Toward A More Balanced, Integrated Self

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Katja Cahoon
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May 18, 2022
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