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Virtual Solutions Partner Event - November 17, 2022, Schlesinger Group - On-Demand

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24 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Nov 17, 2022


QRCA is hosting quarterly Virtual Solutions Partner Events to give you the latest and greatest tools and information. These presentations will feature several concise 10-minute educational sessions and case studies on how researchers can utilize each product or service. You don't want to miss these sessions! 

Schlesinger Group - Iterative Research Design is the Secret Sauce

Understanding the wants and behaviors of consumers is growing more complex by the day. Single research methodologies are no longer sufficient to uncover the multi-dimensional aspects of the consumer. Isaac Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer at Schlesinger Group, explains why iterative research design is the best approach for assisting researchers in gathering more agile and nuanced data and insights.

Join Isaac to learn:

  1. Why iterative research leads to a more consultative approach and better insights through multiple postings to consumers.
  2. How this process builds in insurance for your research and more value from the respondents you’ve recruited.
  3. How QualBoard® can harness the flexibility of asynchronous qual and easily add layers to your research process.