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The News of My Death is Grossly Exaggerated

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Simon Chadwick
1 Hour 30 Minutes
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A scan of market research news feeds would lead you to believe that research as we know it is, if not dead, terminal. ResTech is taking over, data science replete with artificial intelligence and machine learning will replace researchers, primary research is no longer needed to divine the present or even the future. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Research expenditure patterns may be changing but they are doing so in a way that opens up new opportunities and places us even closer to the center of strategic decision making. Nowhere is this more true than in qualitative research. Come and find out why!


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Cambiar Consulting

Simon is Managing Partner of Cambiar Consulting, a change management consulting firm he founded in 2004. Prior to this, he was Global CEO of NOP World as well as of four research companies within Kantar in Europe and the U.S. Simon is deeply involved in the insights industry. He was the inaugural Chair of the Insights Association and is Editor-in-Chief of Research World. He and his colleagues are frequent contributors at conferences and seminars. He is a prolific writer, having published over 400 articles on the research profession, and is author of For the People: A Citizen’s Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation’s Future, an in-depth study of American politics and society. Simon is a Fellow of the Market Research Society and a Laureate of the Insights Association, and holds a Masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University.

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