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How to Write a Report in 2 Days: Streamlining Note-Taking, Analysis, and Report-Writing

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Dean Stephens
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How to Write a Report in 2 Days: Streamlining Note-Taking, Analysis, and Report-Writing with Dean Stephens

May 30 | June 6 | June 13 | Thursdays, 10:00 am CT to Noon CT


Has this happened to you? 

You have a new client you’re excited to work with. Everything is going swimmingly. You wrote an excellent screener and knocked the discussion guide out of the park! And then you moderated some fantastic groups or IDIs.  Maybe you were especially excited because it was an online project and you really didn’t want to travel because you have a zillion other things to do in your personal life.  Or perhaps you were excited because you got to travel to a new city and between groups you got to venture around in the new city trying out the regional culinary delights and exploring the local art scene! 

Now, all the fun is over!  And you’ve got 20 transcripts and each transcript is 30 pages each.  And you find yourself staring at an empty PowerPoint slide feeling overloaded, paralyzed, and uninspired.  Your thoughts are jumbled, your memory of those “fantastic groups” has faded, and you're unsure of how and where to begin. The client is requesting the report to be delivered yesterday!!  And you’re wondering if AI tools can really help you and save you time.

You’ve written the report and you’re ready to press “send” or to present the research findings live to your client stakeholders – and you’ve got every finger and toe crossed hoping the client doesn’t ask any difficult questions  Your confidence in your research findings is not 100% because you know you “cut some corners” while writing the report. 


If you’ve been there before and don’t want to be there again, then please join us for a 3-day interactive report-writing workshop.  This will be a hands-on, interactive course that will demonstrate one way of how to get from transcripts to a final written report with no headaches and 100% confidence in your analysis and report-writing

The course will include optional homework assignments.

Participants will learn: 

  • Tips for faster note-taking and identifying effective supporting quotes 
  • Tips for analysis 
  • How to write reports quickly 
  • How to combine note-taking and pre-analysis 
  • How to create executive summaries that write themselves 
  • Tips on how and when to use AI-powered analysis and report-writing and comparing AI to human analysis and report-writing
  • And perhaps most to have 100% confidence in the reports that you write!

Recordings will be provided to registrants only. 

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Dean Stephens's Profile

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Moderator, Researcher, Strategist, Founder

Happy Talk Research, LLC

Dean has always been naturally inquisitive about human behavior.  People truly fascinate him and he believes understanding ourselves, our behaviors, and the motivations behind our behaviors is the best way to understand the world around us.  He’s been on a life-long quest to uncover and explore the 'whys' behind what, when, and how we do the things we do.

In college, he earned his degree in Humanities – the study of what makes us human.  After college, he started a 10-year career in advertising mostly because he was intrigued by how brand and product communications and iconography persuasively influence human behaviors.  Next, his career in advertising led him ultimately to qualitative market research.  In the end, Dean is doing something that he loves – he gets to talk to people in an effort to understand who we are and why we behave the way we do.

Dean has been a QRCA member since 2010 and is the founder and lead researcher of his company Happy Talk Research, LLC. (To learn the inspiration behind the company name, check out the website at