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Report Glow Up: Creating More Visual Deliverables

Total Credits: 1.0 Advance Credits

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Marlena Mattei
1 Hour
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In this session, you will learn practical strategies to make reports more visual and impactful. These creative solutions are designed to be easy to implement and can be put into action right away, paving the way for better recommendation adoption and stronger relationships with key stakeholders.
We will focus on takeaways researchers can integrate into their current reporting including:

  •  Design and formatting tips
  •  Templated visual slides that can be recycled from project to project 
  •  Go-to schematics and visuals that bring your findings to life 
  •  Methodology-building ideas that foster more visual reporting
  •  Time-effective “magic formula” for creating reports that are less text-heavy and more visually appealing, yet still comprehensive and compelling



Marlena Mattei's Profile

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Associate Director

Real Chemistry

Marlena has a passion for qualitative research and strives to “go deep” with findings to connect the dots and understand how stakeholder perceptions, behaviors, and preferences fit into brand, industry, and cultural frameworks. She has worked across industries and now primarily focuses on healthcare as an Associate Director at Real Chemistry where she conducts primary and social media research. Marlena is a RIVA-trained researcher, and she was awarded the 2018 QRCA Young Professionals Grant and the 2018 Full Scholarship from RIVA. She was also selected to present at the Qually Awards, Insights Association, and Haverford College Incubator program. Marlena began her journey into the research world while studying Cultural Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated summa cum laude.

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