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Qcast: Rethinking the Question – How a Twisted Fork Made Me Question Everything

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Chris Kann
54 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Mar 08, 2018


When was the last time someone asked you a question that made you stop and think? These are the best types of questions because the answer that follows is original and authentic, not a pre-programmed, automatic response. After all, questions (especially in an interview or for research purposes) are meant to be an inquiry, to provide memory jogs, jumpstart creativity, and to help someone consider their perspective.  Often, we can develop habits and routines of asking questions the same way… but what might have worked before may need a fresh look and re-evaluation. Join us for this Qcast that will consider why we ask questions, and how we can update our approach to disrupt thinking and lead to more thoughtful and insightful responses.

Our presenter, Chris Kann, will share her perspective not only from 20+ years as a market research consultant, but also incorporate her approach to questions as a Registered Corporate Coach™ and a radio show/podcast host. She will also share insights from professionals in the fields of business negotiation, forensics, teaching, psychology, and others to provide additional thinking on how to maximize the effectiveness of the questions researchers ask.


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