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New England Chapter: Brain hacks to achieve your goals in 2024

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Business Practices
Edwina Pike
1 Hour



In this hands-on session, we’ll learn tangible ways to keep you on track for hitting your goals next year. Change expert and consultant Ed Pike will facilitate this session, sharing exercises and strategies she has developed for her recently-published planner to stay focused on and aligned with your goals.

Participants will walk away with:

  • A vision for your next 5 years, both personally and professionally
  • An understanding of how our brains process or ignore goals
  • Brain hacks, exercises, and tools you can apply to make next year different

This is a virtual meeting and all are welcome regardless of what chapter you belong to! 



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Pike Squared

Meet Ed, a disruptor of organizational behavior change, she is on a mission to change the way you think about change. With a unique blend of behavioral sciences and irreverence, Ed simplifies complex dynamics into practical 'brain hacks'. Join her for an energetic, honest, and interactive session where you'll discover easy-to-adopt tactics to achieve your goals. 


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