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July Qually Talk

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Dina Shulman
1 hour


Qually Talks are member-only monthly meetings to network and discuss what's on your mind in addition to specific topics chosen by the moderator. Join your fellow quallies to learn and expand your network!

July Qually Talk
As we make our way through the third summer living with Covid-19, mental health remains a topic discussed openly more now than perhaps ever before. In our next Qually Talk, Dina Shulman will moderate a discussion on how burnout and languishing have impacted work and other aspects of our lives. We’ll also discuss how work may be re-imagined in light of social, cultural and emotional changes over the past few years. 
Feel free to read the following articles and/or bring your own journalistic, artistic and literary pieces.


Dina Shulman's Profile

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Qualitative Director & Founder

Deep Dish Research

Dina Shulman, principal of Deep Dish Research has been working as a qualitative researcher and brand strategist for over 15 years in a variety of settings including advertising, non-profit, Silicon Valley and full-service market research agencies. Her work focuses on exploring customer needs, wants, attitudes and behaviors in order to guide positioning, communications and product development. Dina’s former experience as a therapist enables her to establish trust quickly and take conversations deeper. Dina has a BS in Theatre from Northwestern University, MSW from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Santa Clara University.  

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