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Expanding Horizons: Can WhatsApp Drive Inclusivity in Research?

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Matt Bishop |  Julie Knox
30 Minutes
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Brand inclusivity is not new—remember that iconic advert about "buying the world a Coke" from way back in 1971? But over the past few years, it has become increasingly important for brands to reflect and appeal to diverse audiences.

As a key driver in this process, research needs to develop approaches that better connect with underrepresented or hard-to-reach populations. Traditional methods such as focus groups and interviews are great for tapping into the hearts and minds of some audiences, but can be challenging or downright alienating for others. One size really doesn’t fit all.

Used by over 68 million people in the U.S., messaging service WhatsApp offers a potential gateway for more agile, accessible and inclusive research. But does this approach actually work? During this session, Matt and Julie will share their experiences of using WhatsApp to research the under-researched—from English-as-second-language populations to introverts. They will consider the pros and cons of this approach before giving their thoughts on whether it (and other mobile qual methods) can help meet demand for greater inclusivity in research.



Matt Bishop's Profile

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Jigsaw Research

Matt Bishop manages Jigsaw’s Whycatcher platform and is a digital qual specialist. From conducting brand research in the US to product testing in Mexico, Matt has overseen various projects through Jigsaw’s WhatsApp approach. Elsewhere, findings from his research have been featured in several notable publications, including the Telegraph and the Drum. Matt has a BA in Geography from Kings College London, where he specialised in globalization. He has since gone on to complete Master’s degree with distinction (and Dean’s List Award) in global marketing from the University of Southampton.

Julie Knox's Profile

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Jigsaw Research

Julie Knox has over 20 years of research experience, spending most of her career agency side but with stints client side, both as an in-house researcher and as an external consultant. She has divided her time between the UK and US and in 2012, after 6 years with Jigsaw in the UK, she moved back to the US to start up Jigsaw’s operation there.    Julie is a research hybrid, working with expertise across qual or quant approaches. She has taken a leading role in introducing Jigsaw’s WhatsApp approach to new markets, and has significant experience using this tool. 

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