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Author Event: POLL-Arized: Why Americans Don't Trust Polls- And How to Fix Them Before It's Too Late

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Research Design
John Geraci
1 hour



Will the polls get it right this November? Why have they been so off in recent years? Can pollsters regain the trust of Americans and help us preserve our democracy?

For a professional MR perspective on what’s gone wrong with polling and how pollsters should operate in the future, join us on Friday, Oct. 14, for a conversation with John Geraci, author of the 2022 book, POLL-Arized : Why Americans Don't Trust the Polls - And How to Fix Them Before It's Too Late. As described on the podcast Author Hour, the book "provides a clear roadmap through which pollsters can once again become trusted arbiters of American public opinion."

This book couldn’t have come at a better time (except maybe before the 2016 Election). Even if we don’t do quantitative work, we are citizens and consumers of political polls, and we need to understand this important issue, especially if polls help motivate some of us to vote.

John is a wise, seasoned MR professional—and a great human being. SF Co-Chair Marc Engel knows this firsthand, as John was one of his bosses when Marc first entered the research world in the late 80s! 


John Geraci's Profile

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Founder and President

Crux Research

John Geraci is the Founder and President of Crux Research, a market research agency located in New York. He has overseen nearly two million interviews and more than three thousand survey research projects for nonprofits, public school districts, colleges and universities, technology firms, consumer packaged goods companies, advertising agencies, media, manufacturers, and dot-com businesses.

John has been interviewed by CNN, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other media outlets such as Ad Week and Advertising Age. He has presented at more than seventy-five industry events and symposia. 

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