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AI for QRCs: How to Make Your Research Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Total Credits: 1.0 Advance Credits

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Hana Klouckova |  Petra Viskova
1 Hour
Audio and Video




During this session, we will reveal how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can greatly enhance your qualitative research outcomes and keep you on the cutting edge of the ever-changing digital research world. You will learn how to leverage AI algorithms as a part of your qual research design toolkit. Through a series of case studies, you will discover how AI adds value by strengthening and improving your research insights.

We will cover case study examples from visual ad testing, package design development, website remodeling, and shelf testing.

Key points to be covered:

  • How AI aids in ideation and new design development (examples of human images to be used in advertising, car designs, shoe designs, and fairy tale characters created entirely through AI)
  • The role of AI in research design (benefits of AI, when to use it, when not to use it, and how to include it in your research design)
  • The top 5 tips to develop more impactful visual materials demonstrated through real-life case studies



Hana Klouckova's Profile

Hana Klouckova Related seminars and products

Owner & Innovation Scout

CONFESS Research

Hana Kloucková: After 8 years in marketing of Procter & Gamble (covering regions such as Central Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and India), Hana decided to set up her own qualitative research agency CONFESS Research, which she has led for 16 years, actively moderating and leading innovation workshops, mostly focused on new product and communication development. Afterward, Hana has moved to the Innovation Scout position and started an active search for research innovation around the globe, and helps to implement them into the research practice of her agency. Hana is currently Co-chairman of the QRCA International Chapter. She is often invited to speak at key local marketing conferences as well as important international marketing events such as e.g. Effie ad effectiveness contest where she is part of a jury for the past 2 years.

Petra Viskova's Profile

Petra Viskova Related seminars and products

Managing director

CONFESS Research

Petra Viskova - After more than 10 years in marketing in Danone Group she utilizes her experience (hundreds of concepts written, tens of media campaigns and product innovations launched…)  on the „other side of the mirror“ - as Managing Director in CONFESS. She has been actively moderating since 2004 and currently belongs to the top qualitative research moderators and workshop facilitators in the Czech Republic. Petra is often speaking at Czech marketing conferences and leads trainings and webinars focused on facilitating workshops (incl. roundtable at QRCA Annual Conference in Los Angeles 2017).  The paper “Achieving the unimagined” presented by her and Hana Kloucková January 2018 in Phoenix was one of the best evaluated speeches at QRCA Annual Conference 2018.

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