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Judith Glaser


Benchmark Communications, Inc

Judith Glaser is CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc. Founded in 1980, her consulting firm works with CEOs and their teams helping them focus on competitive challenges in a world of moving targets with a direct line of site to the customer. Judith considers herself an Organizational Anthropologist, working with clients at the intersection of culture, leadership and brand

Her two books Creating WE: Change I-Thinking to We-Thinking & Build a Healthy Thriving Organization and The DNA of Leadership, made Amazon Business Book Best Seller Lists in 2005 and 2006, and were also selected by both Forbes and Business Book Review as two of the top business books of 2005 and 2006.

She has appeared on the NBC Today Show, ABC World News, Fox News Channel, News 12 Connecticut, NY 1, Martha Stewart Show and the Family Network talking about We-Centric Leadership, Bully Bosses and Culture Transformation. She has been quoted many times in the NY Times, WSJ, Crain’s, Newsday, Star Ledger, Harvard Management Review, AMA World and other print media talking about her Revolutionary Workplace Approaches. She is contributing Editor of Executive Excellence Magazine and is listed in the Excellence 100 Consultants.