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Isabelle Landreville

President & Chief Insights Seeker

Sylvestre & Co

Isabelle is the proud owner of Sylvestre & Co., a North American award- winning qualitative MR firm with half a century of experience. For more than 50 years, Sylvestre & Co. has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in qual and leveraged technology to innovate in a human way, that is to augment and enrich outcomes by making participants feel safe and engaged to reveal their authentic selves. Her passion for cultural insights and for building human-scale connections has allowed her to build action- enabling consumer empathy in situ, in person and virtually, at home, in Canada, and across the globe for 20 years. Listen to her podcast, Insightful Inspiration, available on all major networks, where Isabelle chats with leaders that move the insights industry forward.

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AI Days

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Analysis & Reporting |  Business Practices |  Communication |  Moderating/Facilitation |  Project Management |  Research Design
Yogesh Chavda |  Susanne Friese |  Florian Groth |  Alok Jain |  Isabelle Landreville |  Nashay Lowe |  Andre Sanabia Johnston |  Darby Steiger |  ....
3 hours per day
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QRCA is going to tackle this new world of artificial intelligence head-on.  The goal of this virtual conference is to simplify the Wild West of AI offerings and curate what’s currently ‘Best in Class’...
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