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Alisha Meek, CCXP

Associate Director

Category Insights

Alisha Meek is an Associate Director with over 20 years’ experience in the field of market research. As an empathetic and dedicated researcher, Alisha firmly believes in the transformative power of qualitative research in providing deeper insights into the human condition. She has the ability to cultivate genuine connections with research participants allowing her to unlock personal narratives and unveil hidden perspectives, exploring experiences of individuals across a diverse business landscape.

Her market research experience spans a wide variety of business issues and industries, ranging from big box retailers, consumer goods (CPG), toys, sporting goods, office supply stores, home improvement to insurance, private wealth management, wireless carriers, and product protection industries.

In her current role at Georgia-Pacific, Alisha is responsible for leading innovative insights for several categories for the PRO business including skincare products, sanitizing, and cleaning wipes, and SafeHaven, a hand hygiene monitoring system for healthcare. During her career, she completed the RIVA Institute Qualitative Training, holds an Advanced master’s Certification in Project Management from George Washington University, and is a certified CX professional (CXPA). She earned her bachelor’s degree from Sain Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN and a master’s degree in marketing from Mercer University.

She currently lives in Cumming, GA with her husband of over 15 years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and traveling.