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Easy Breezy Bulletin Boards

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Jessica Kurth
30 Minutes
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We all want to have calm, successful bulletin boards, right? In this session, we will identify tactics that can be deployed at three key milestones of the bulletin board lifecycle that all but ensure board projects run smoothly: 1. Recruiting—example screener questions to locate people who are likely to be excellent bulletin board participants 2. Transitioning to the platform—exposing tasks and communications that support participants’ onboarding 3. Maximizing completion rates—deceptively simple ideas for limiting attrition

We will discuss tactics that work for lower-cost, mid-cost, and higher-cost budgets, so you will be able to apply these learnings to any bulletin board you are working on, regardless of size and scope. You will walk away with ideas you can immediately put into action on your next board!



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Now What, LLC

Jessica holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota, Curtis L. Carlson School of Management.  Her career in research and insights began with a thirteen year stretch in category management, acting as a strategic advisor to buyers at major U.S. retailers. 

Jessica’s love of research and passion for processes fueled her pivot into market research project management, a world in which she has been gleefully living for the past five years.  During this time, she has helped researchers push projects of all methodologies and complexities successfully across the finish line.  As a project manager, Jessica untangles the logistics and manages the details so the researchers can focus on… research! 

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