Mind Your Rs, Ps and Qs Webinar 2: Getting Below Top-of-Mind

QRCA is excited to partner with RIVA on three 60-minute webinars led by Jo Ann Hairston that will help qualitative professionals level up their skills. These webinars will improve attendees' guides, help quallies go deeper to get better information from respondents, and enhance the way focus groups are run. Join us for the second webinar in this 3 part series! Click here to register for all three at the best rate - BUNDLE

Cost for all three: $125 for members/$200 for non-members || Cost for individual webinars: $50 for members/$75 for non-members 

January 13 at 11 am ET — Getting Below Top-of-Mind

Most moderators have good techniques to get respondents to answer questions. Good moderators have an arsenal of methods to invite respondents to “go deeper, ” “say more,” “expand the rationales,” and/or explain the basis for a point of view. This webinar will cover:

· What is “top of mind” – and what is up there?

· RIVA suggested probes to get respondents to thoughtfully access information before surface answers

· The philosophy of what makes a good probe

There will also be an opportunity to provide an open forum to discuss probing.