Breaking Down the Glass – Creating Creative Qualitative Experiences: Session 3 – Creativity in Methodology Design

If you are looking for some refreshed thinking about all aspects of your qualitative research projects, you won’t want to miss this course with the always-creative Daniel Berkal of The Palmerston Group.  This four-session course will include time for lecture/teaching, hands-on team breakouts and projects, Q&A and a bit of homework to enhance your learning. Creative approaches to recruiting, methodology/project design and reporting will be covered along with many other aspects of infusing creativity into your work. All skill levels are welcome to attend and stretch the creativity muscles!


Check out The Palmerston Group @thepalmerstongroup on TikTok for a preview of Daniel’s creative approach to qual.


Estimated Session Breakdown:

  1. 5-10 minutes – Welcome, Intro, Review Agenda/Recap

  2. 45 minutes – lecture, teaching

  3. 20 minutes – Breakout working on a project

  4. 20 minutes – Readout/share back by teams on their work

  5. 20 minutes – Q&A

  6. 5-10 minutes – Wrap-up, Assignment of Homework


Session-Specific Details

Session 3 – Creativity in Methodology Design (Friday, July 22)

  1. When facing a challenge, determining the best methodology design that captivates clients and solves core business issues

  2. How to make methodology affordable and fully come to life

  3. Best practices

  4. Building great deliverables

  5. How to create client involvement opportunities

  6. How to control for the unexpected

  7. How to set the stage for success

  8. How to manage uncertainty

  9. How to be creative within a set framework


Breakout into teams for project assignment * Discussion and Q&A