"Being Authentically You" Networking Activity

Who are you? How do clients and colleagues see you? What differentiates you from others, from your colleagues? What are you holding back? Which of your unique characteristics should you celebrate, contribute, and benefit from? You have to believe in who you are, as much as the people who hire you, and Being Authentically You is a quick, 30-minute session that will help you begin to think about essential characteristics and traits that make you uniquely “you.” Led by Pam Goldfarb Liss and Theresa Schreiber, this session will quickly connect you to others who also want to identify, articulate, and embrace their unique characteristics, while working together to help one another refine their narratives. Connecting you with colleagues and friends in the collegial way that only the QRCA can do, you will hear others’ authentic stories as you build your own in two speed-round interactions. And suppose you wish to continue refining your narrative after the session is over? In that case, you will find a “buddy” to work with over the next three months-- culminating with an in-person meeting at the May QRCA Conference in San Diego or via Zoom or phone (or all three!)