Stop Self-Sabotaging and Start Super-Charging Your Business Development

We have human brains that tell us that business development is hard. We blame the market, research industry dynamics, the decision makers who aren’t calling us back, or even our kids! When you’re busy, everything is fine, right? You get into the flow of a project and love your work. But when you’re not busy, you’re worrying about generating the next lead and avoiding the dreaded business development you know you should be doing. Rather than taking time to wait...and pray. What if you could re-imagine business development and make it less stressful? In this session we will teach you how to stop self-sabotaging and start supercharging your business development efforts now!

You will leave the session having:

  1. Learned to identify and intercept the 9 self-sabotaging tendencies that block your business development efforts
  2. Discovered 5 strategies for conquering your obstacles to make your business development easier, faster, and less stressful
  3. Developed a fast-action plan for approaching your business development efforts more positively and proactively