The 'F' Word

We want to talk about what no one talks about - Our Failures!

The research community like all industries has shown immense resilience in terms of finding creative ways to adapt to the situation due to the pandemic in the past year. But based on the experience of working with resource-constrained communities in India with limited access to technology and infrastructure that becomes a necessity for remote research, we want to take the chance to be vulnerable and share how toolkits or methods have fallen short in terms of creating desired impact. How digital channels have failed to reach out to certain communities, inability to build the same rapport or trust with users and more! Some of these stories made us laugh and some made us nervous. But all of these experiences helped us evolve our approach for the future.

Through this talk, we will share our specific learnings on the research methodologies that worked and what didn’t and ways of making them more effective and efficient for the future!