Virtual Research & Collaboration Tools for Human Centered Design (A Social Impact Case Study)

Most market researchers play an important role in one or two phases of the innovation process, but they rarely get to experience all phases. This session will feature a case study highlighting how our team implemented the complete Human-Centered Design (HCD) process – virtually. We harnessed HCD methodologies and digital tools to collaborate online and interview a range of experts and consumers, all with no budget. By leveraging tools such as MURAL, Slack, Google Forms, Zoom, and we successfully conducted research, synthesized learnings, brainstormed ideas, developed solutions, and identified potential partners for implementation. You’ll see how a team of four women with varied experience used diversity of thought to approach the important issue of harassment and discrimination in a new way. Inspired to make a difference, we focused our work to research and design new tools and education techniques that would help college women to successfully navigate these difficult situations. In a time when in-person interactions are less frequent and companies are cutting costs, conducting market research and design sprints remotely is more important than ever. Join us to experience our case study that will highlight our virtual tools and collaborative approach, step by step, and unveil our recommended solutions.