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Insights Without Asking: Understanding Consumers through Social Media Intelligence
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This presentation is all about using online “listening” and “observation” to understand organically the topic areas through the eyes, voice and minds of the consumer. By marrying a combination of advanced technology and human-led analysis, we are able to unlock deeply-buried insights just by evaluating what consumers put out to the world through social media. We’ll share how to do this through case studies and examples.

Sandra Bauman, President, Bauman Research & Consulting LLC

Discovering the 'whys' of the world has fascinated Sandra from an early age. Her mother claims she started asking questions very early in life – quizzing strangers in grocery stores, parks and other places with eclectic questions. After graduating from Northwestern with a master’s in journalism, she started as a newspaper reporter and editor. But she quickly became frustrated with reporting – it lacked the opportunity to make meaningful inferences and solve problems – to go deeper into why people behave and think the way they do. Thanks to a professor at Northwestern, she found her way to market research via a Ph.D. program and has never looked back. Being able to combine intellectual curiosity along with unique approaches is what makes this profession so gratifying for Sandra.

After working in academic, political and commercial research at several large NYC research companies, Sandra founded Bauman Research & Consulting in 2002, a boutique qual & quant firm. Sandra is a RIVA-trained moderator, whose work has spanned myriad audiences from business owners to biochemists, teens to techies, and farmers to physicians. Her formal training and decades of experience mean she’s skilled in both traditional and innovative online methodologies. Her roots in journalism mean she’s adept at asking the right questions and designing unique activities to get at the “why’s” behind human behavior. She’s testified before Congress, which was fascinating, but she promises she will NEVER do that again!

Daniel Fazekas, Bakamo Inc

Since 2016 Daniel has been the CEO of Bakamo, a qualitative social intelligence agency. Using social media, Bakamo finds human insights without asking. Daniel was trained in qualitative research at Environics and Research International. He later worked with a string of Internet technology start ups in web analytics, IndexTools (acquired by Yahoo!), social networking, Netlog, and social media monitoring, Replise, in commercial and product management functions. Prior Bakamo, Daniel co-founded, launched and exited the online video focus group platform KwaliTools.

Jim Kempland, BARE Zero Proof Spirits

The question “Why can’t I have a non-alcoholic bourbon?” began the quest for James over four years ago leading to the launch of BARE Zero Proof Spirits as Co-Founder and CEO. A spirits marketing veteran Mr. Kempland led the business integration and marketing for Angel’s Envy Bourbon during and after the Bacardi acquisition and was Managing Director for Papa’s Pilar Rum before devoting his energy to the immerging non-alcoholic spirits category.

As a business owner and marketing consultant, James’ experience spans the full food chain supply process. A food and beverage industry marketing executive for over twenty-five years, Mr. Kempland began his marketing career with the global agricultural leader, Monsanto. He then evolved into consumer packaged goods with strategic marketing responsibility and consulting with The NutraSweet Company, Brown Foreman, Diageo, Unilever, P&G, and Miller Brewing Company, in general and luxury marketing, strategic communication and brand management. On the side – he dabbles in politics.

Mr. Kempland holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Maryville University-St. Louis and a MS degree in Political Management from The George Washington University. Whether business or politics, Kempland’s belief is all consumer motivation stems from personal connection and marketing excellence is all around us – yet few know the secret.


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